Thursday, December 20, 2012

Looking at the Stars...

Swirling in the Universe, like a droplet of water... so many friends, so many visions, and, looking outside my window, so many worlds tightly woven into this one.

It is good to be alive...

From what I can imagine, there's nothing more Marvelous than being part of such a Wonderful history, encompassing also all the stories, facts and feelings, adventures and misadventures we can tell... : )

But we must learn how to die... Beauty is everywhere, but we're only the droplet. Sometimes we're up, on the edge, other times down, in the shit-hole. And Life may take us anywhere, and we must be ready: if we are to fall, Beauty will still be all-around, although we will not be able to see it. Sometimes only pain comes in,

That's when Faith is useful - it becomes the door to what we know is there, all that Magic, but we can't really feel it...

But, whether we Feel it or not... it's there... spreading through the billions of light-years, through countless planets, almost completely (I guess) oblivious to the fate of humanity or even the planet with all its wonderful creatures and events. We're simply too common, too little, to make a difference in such a Beautiful Cosmos.

But it IS Wonderful to be part, even an infinitesimal part, of such a Beautiful Vastness...

Carl Sagan, we need more of you!! : )

Friday, November 30, 2012

Why do I feel hate and suffer...?

I don't know if I should write

about all the strings around my heart

about the throbbing and sobbing

about the confused mess I'm in

I see no way out,
I can't even see how I got in

But there's a long way home
Oh yeah, there's a long way home
        out there

Love is,
        seems to be
    the final answer
        to all our problems
But I can't find love anywhere

I only find fear

Where do all these fears come from?
From the mess of wanting to strike back
and my arms being caught by "civilization"
or, better said, by my will to be on a higher level...

But then, why am I not on a "higher level"?

Why do I feel hate and suffer...???

It has to do with what I want...
What I really want from the bottom of my heart.

And sometimes
            just sometimes
        I want
i'M A MAN!!
a monkey...

and my two sides conflict... they smash against each other
        it's all a big mess...
and in that mess I don't really know where I am anymore

I know that the answer lies
it's not really an answer

it's the end of the mess
that comes with a change in attitude

and that change comes with
wanting LOVE
above all things
beyond all things
among all others

recognizing LOVE
among all things
in all others
beyond and here now

There is no SOLVING this
no solution...

Just dissolution...
seeing things from a different point of view,
changing the space and time
rearranging everything

LOVE is where I am
I only have to CHOOSE

The beginning should be in LOVE
I should start from LOVE
so that I can return to LOVE
and live throughout in LOVE...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The unpredictability of climate change

"You would expect negative feedbacks to creep in at some point," says Hay. "But in climate change, every feedback seems to go positive." The reason is that Earth's climate seems to have certain stable states. Between those states things are unstable and can change quickly. "Under human prodding, the system wants to go into a new climate state."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A step into the culture

Swirling in the galaxy our planet has small little beings attached. We, as I am one of them, have a slight notion of our whereabouts, as we round in circles around the sun and our own planet. But to us it is as if everything turns around us: the sun gets up and down in the horizon, and everything revolves around us, around me: my clock, my money, my friends, my troubles...

Of course, we are just drops of water in a giant cascade, whose origins is lost in time...

Lately some of these drops on the face of the planet have brought about gigantic changes on the planet: we (life) have done the oxygen revolution, but now we (mankind) are doing the "word revolution".

Like ants used their legs to create fantastic, complex and elaborate, labyrinths beneath the earth, so we, using "words", which are not really sounds, have created airplanes, cars and computers. We have a word for this: culture. Of course our words don't really capture what words are. But that doesn't matter for the almost all of us. In fact, almost all of us are happy with sex, power and food in abundance. Our words, our culture, make us seem intelligent, while, in fact...

Well, I'm part of this...

I look at the sea, it seems a microcosms inside the larger cosmos. I look at my body and I see a microcosms too. I look at the stars and I revel at the idea that my life is almost completely worthless. That gives me a sensation of freedom almost undescribable. If I'm not important I can do whatever I want with my (irrelevant) life. And, so, therefore, it becomes maximally important for me. I can do with it whatever I can and want.

Today I want to know the world: I want to feel the sea and the trees, I want to think about molecules, and galactic molecular clouds, I want my mind to travel from sea and stars to atmosphere, I want to imagine the life of dolphins, I want to imagine the life in the inner core of our galaxy, I want to see details of what the future of life is likely going to be, I want to see how the elections in the US are going, my fellow creatures here with me, sharing everything, sharing words, sharing kisses, sharing handshakes, sharing smiles, sharing pain and deprivation, sharing life and death, sharing words, sharing words, words, words...

We created a Mind, from which we all drink and share, which we all feed and alter...

Here is my today's contribution...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

swimming ... with love

What is love?

A way to see, a way to be, a way to open our eyes, our hearts, our wounds, our mouths...

A way to be cured, a way to be destroyed (the ego)...

Sometimes I feel I'm swimming in a lake, completely alone...

I don't understand anything...

I swim, but I'm afraid, at the same time I feel enchanted...

What will happen next?

Where am I?

What am I?

Who am I?

The questions give me life, a meaning, a direction. But I don't know where to start, what to look for. I'm not even sure if I can imagine a possible answer to what I'm searching for.

I doubt my mind, perhaps there are things that don't fit there.

I doubt my heart, perhaps there are things that it desires that don't make any sense.

But all these doubting leaves me with no references...

I'm still in the water, still lost... On the cover a body, feeding on the planet, a grain of dust in the galactic bigger grain of dust, swirling in what we can't even see the end.

Is the world infinite?

The numbers are infinite, even between 0 and 1. Even between the smallest interval we can imagine.

But, is it relevant? Numbers could be infinite in a finite physical world. And we could always say that they are not really infinite, we could not ever, ever count an infinite number of numbers. Infinite is just a word, a way to say that we cannot establish a limit.

Is there really an infinite out there? Out is out there?

What is time, why do I feel, am I free...

I'm still swimming, lost, completely lost. Around me plants, animals, people and planets continue on their paths... I'm also somebody running about, doing my things...

But ...inside... how I wonder...

I wonder, and I wonder, and I wonder...

Will I have get there... will I ever know, who I am???

Or will I die, and every part of me will end, and the question mark will always remain unanswered?


One thing I know for sure! The Universe is astoundingly BEAUTIFUL, from singers and birds, to painters and galaxies, to dogs and cats and sea-waves and rocks and minerals, and blackholes and timetravel, to books and fiction and stories of love and war, destruction and rebirth, on an apparently infinite time and space for plenty of adventures with anemona, sea horses, plancton and whales... from the sun and all the stars, to the view from one of Jupiter's satellites, and all the giant storms it hides... the world is a beautiful place, on the whole. Just looking at a part might seem very ... different.

That beautifulness gives me hope...

Not a certainty, but hope...

From now on... when someone asks me my name, I may retort whatever is expected...

But I'll know, inside, that everything I know about myself, my true name, my real true name, is just a question mark: I am this:


swimming ... with love

Thursday, May 10, 2012

aim for the stars... and you'll be sure to miss...

aim for the stars... and you'll be sure to miss...

Monday, April 30, 2012

To deserve life

one must be willing to loose it at any moment for what makes it special.

Friday, February 3, 2012

War, Us eections and the Economy

The disillusion with the "yes we can - change" might give votes to new proponents, outside of the establishment. But the answer of the establishment might be horrible: for instance it might augment the probability of a war with Iran. In fact, new politicians and a leaner state are not the answer to a world where terrorists and wars lie at every corner.