Sunday, December 26, 2010

Strings of events and the magic of everything

We do so much, think so much, our lives are just full to the brink with things to do...

Events seem to pull us with invisible strings. Emotions connect us almost automatically with the world. And we go, go, go... Seamlessly involved in the world. Getting so much pleasure, anxiety, information, diversity, up and down we go on the bumpy ride of life...

And yet... where are we - what's this place called "the universe" - where is it?
And "when" are we? When did it all begun? What lead to the big bang, or whatever beginning brought it all about?

In other words, where are we, when are we, what are we? And, furthermore, what's the point of it all?

I don't know! Do you know?

I've studied the answers from philosophers, scientists, religious leaders and followers, mystics...

Some of them have arrived at "their" answer - the thing that satisfies them.

Whatever it is, it is far from rationally convincing. We might "feel" what the answer is, we might believe it, we might "see it" in some mystical sense. But, in the end, I can't stop feeling that we are just naked monkeys trying to hide our big ignorance of the vast world out there and our place in it. We are so ashamed of not knowing. And we try to put words on that ignorance, just as one puts clothes to erase the memory of those "shameful" parts.

And nevertheless, it is there, in the forbidden zone, that the most magical place for lovers reside.

Just accepting the naked truth, that we don't know, is what leads to the secret places that makes the world so incredible beautiful and magical, not only in its mysteries, but in the myriad possible answers that we may imagine to explain all those things that we can live, inside and outside, by ourselves or with others.

It's like opening the doors to paradise, like disrobing our love and kissing the most forbidden part. The doors of ecstasy are in that general direction, I think...