Saturday, June 15, 2019

A butterfly in the battlefield...

A butterfly in the battlefield... I tried to inspire... but what can a subtle invitation for beauty do in the face of cannons and war? Even if the warriors saw me, they couldn't really understand or follow the invite. Their attention and emotions were completely engaged elsewhere.

First you need to calm down, be silent. Only then will the beauty of the world be able to sing it's subtle song.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

An unflinching heart...

Angel: So, how was it among humans?
Newcomer: Well, love is hard, and then you die!
Angel: Was it worth it?
Newcomer: Absolutely! Light shines through everything! It's a pity almost no one there sees it: their mindful arrogance, their illusions, their fears and unconscious pulsions, blind them to the paradise they could be living in.
Angel: is it possible to help them?
Newcomer: Well... take away the language and they will become aware of the primacy of love and mystery again. But then they will become just like any other animal. Appear to them as an advanced extraterrestrial entity, and you'll obliterate much of what they have that is unique...
Angel: So, what would you recommend?
Newcomer: Just let them be. They will learn... eventually. And they will continue to live unique and wonderful, even if crazy, adventures...
Angel: Would you want to go again?
Newcomer: whoever goes... better have an unflinching heart.
Angel: And... do you regret anything?
Newcomer: only the love I didn't give.