Sunday, November 17, 2013


Adam and Eve


They just took their clothes off...

it took what, how many years??

Ñow it's time for the rest of us! "Take off your clothes Adam and Eve" it's time to see the starlight, to enjoy the world, everything, leave the boundaries, the clothes, the concepts, the wars and frontiers, the lies, the corruption, the hierarchies, the fame and fashion, all the false pictures of you that enslave you!!

We can do what we want !! Just enjoy life! Don't suffer it. It's a gift!

It's Paradise, just take it!

PS - ok, these guys were probably stoned...  :((( I think they don't really get it. I mean they do get it while they're stoned, rich and excited, but not if they were to loose it all; I don't think they would understand the deep, cosmic meaning of being free inside the beauty of the cosmos, whoever you are, even if you're poor and alone and all you have is the starry night. However, the music's idea is entirely correct: it's Paradise, just take it! Without the aids / drugs, take the Real thing! Love, Awareness, Freedom, the mystery and adventure of Existing without fear, loosing the concept of sin: it's a gift.

Ecstasy isn't what you have or who you're with: it's understanding what this is, our life, our existence, the existence of the cosmos and the beauty of everything taken together. The opportunity of seeing and the inevitability of being part of this infinite beauty.

If you have that, you feel the ecstasy just by partially understanding who you are and where you are, you certainly don't need drugs. You consciousness is the best source of ecstasy.

Man! That was disappointing. Back to Chopin. Not Paradise, but at least sane.