Friday, October 3, 2014

Today the sun was born

Today the sun was born. And at what an immense speed was he blazing through the sky...

given that he is at one astronomical unit (AU) from us, and he (from our point of view) circles the earth once per day, then he must travel π * AU / 2 per day, which is an approximate value of course (given the elliptical orbit the distance is not always an AU, and then there are also all the other orbits - around the galaxy, the local group, etc), but is about 234 987 786 kms per day, or about 9 791 157 kms per hour, our about 2719 kms per second.

So there was the sun, blazing through the sky at 2719 kms per second. Effortlessly, it would seem.

on the horizon the ocean, and scattered clouds on the (relatively) thin atmosphere. Mountains, plants, small animals... I was on the planet Earth. And what a sight.

A few ants, humans and other beast were going about their daily lives, completely oblivious to the monumental grace going around.

But I'm usually blind to it too. And I will be again. But not to worry. Lot's and lots of microscopic things can make a mountain.

So we all, with our microscopic beauty and even more microscopic understanding,

make this whole.