Saturday, October 26, 2013

I searched for the truth and found only Beauty...

One of the truths I didn't find, although I searched it a lot, was to know if Beauty was real or just a "figment of my imagination".

If Beauty is a real connection to reality, then perhaps though beauty I am achieving what I searched for with truth: connecting with what's real.

In any case Beauty and Truth seem to go hand in hand. Why beauty needs truth is easy to see, for only truth is immutable. Beauty based on illusions will decay. On the other hand it's much harder to explain why ugly truths also tend to be dispelled by much more beautiful truths. The first pictures we imagined of our world were indeed quite ugly, with terrible gods and vengeance and fear, a small world governed by petty interests. As look farther and farther into the horizon we see a world full of galaxies and worlds without end. The music of the stars, that people like Vangelis have been able to materialize, show a little of that larger world, of that larger horizon, much more beautiful then our slaughterhouse where the good/obedient will be rewarded and the bad will be punished.

But this is just one example. For instance, it may seems that our body is ugly, if we look at its internal organs, but when we look at them closer and closer to the cellular level, and begin to understand its complexity we can no longer see it as something ugly. By the contrary, it appears almost unbelievable that such a thing might exist at all, and it is in our hands, it is our hands ^_^.

That truth itself tends towards beautifulness seems to me an impenetrable mystery, could be taken as a sign that things are even more beautiful than we are able to imagine them to be.