Tuesday, March 11, 2014

what I want to be

Let me be
clear as crystal,
it is as far as I can go on the attempt to see the world, to understand...

I can't understand even what understanding is when seen from outside of my mind.


I've never been in the outside of my mind.

At least mindfully.

But even if I have been, in any other way,
then how am I to know it, or speak about it?
I can't. Because language itself is a product of my mind. Without the mind, not a single word, memory, representation, is available.

Understanding, from the inside of the mind, can be seen in many different ways. But in none of these ways I can speak about if, how and why my understanding is correlated to the world that exists beyond my mind.

So, what am I searching for?

I am searching for clarity.

I am searching for truth.

In other words, I am searching for you.

And you, my Love, are everything.

And I want to be available, whenever you come,
and you are always coming,
always new,
always the ancientest of all,
always shrowded in the deepest mystery,

and I, my Love,
want to be clear,
so that I can see better
your unspeakable and unsurmountable

I'm in Love.

I'm blind,
but I'm in Love.