Friday, October 7, 2011

What do I get from all this?

Life is billions of years old, just in our planet, a grain of sand in the galactic cloud.

As with billions of billions of other bugs, that have bugged the planet, I'm asking, «so, what do I get from all this», and the answer, of course, is quite simple:

food, water, sometimes sex, sometimes violence, sometimes pleasure, sometimes pain, plenty of adventure, the freedom to choose and to experiment...

I get an opportunity, to feel all this, to live all this, to try to absorb it with my senses and my brain, to feel it with my heart...

a bug's life...

what do i get in return?

A heaven, an after-life?

Well, this life, this moment, seems much more than I can handle. I must make it worth, now, at this very moment so that, even if there is no after-life,

(they say each person is a world, and when a person dies, an entire world dies with her)

even if there is nothing of me after i die,

it was entirely worth it, a thousand times worth it, a million times worth it...

I lived, I exulted, I celebrated, I plunged into what was available to me

Yes, it's true, I am little, I am insignificant, I am nothing

But I did everything it was available to me,

everything that I was beautiful, that I could think of,

everywhere, and the deepest I could go,

Beauty was everywhere, and I was searching for almost everything

At least, much more that I could bear...

Seeing infinity...
Yes! It was worth it

In my tombstone

Not only did I live life
I exulted it.